PYP at Learning Alliance International is not confined to the classroom alone. The outdoors is explored for music, reading and art activities thus sharing not only the space but the joy of learning with others on campus. Sports constitute a major part of the academically challenging and dynamic Primary Years Program. It was in this spirit that PYP Olympics was held on the 3rd- 7th February, 2018.
The loud drum beat and thumping of students’ feet on the ground for a disciplined Parade set the rhythm for the event, followed by an oath-taking ceremony. The students of PYP then moved on to an energizing Zumba, followed by an astounding Gymnastics Display including Cart wheels, Dive roles and Pyramids. Amidst the cheering and encouragement for the young athletes from the parents, teachers as well as fellow students, the races began. The students of PYP I-V participated in Ball in the Bucket race, Grasshopper race, Zig-Zag race and Hurdle race. Warmed up by the races, the students proceeded to an invigorating football match, followed by the prize distribution ceremony.
The event concluded with the Taekwondo performance, which included Tile breaking, both wood & marble and an astounding demonstration of Nunchucks, which is a traditional Okinawan martial arts weapon. Everyone in attendance was in awe of the coordination, perfection and impact of this display. It was great to witness the sophistication and ease with which the students conducted themselves through these highly challenging moves.
The fantastic turnout of the parents added up to the festive spirit of the event with the colourful ambiance leaving every one energized.

5th Annual Sports Festival, Inter-House matches, 2018
22nd to 26th January 2018

Sports Society of Learning Alliance were organized 5th Annual Sports Festival, Inter House matches, 22nd to 26th January 2018, The opening ceremony took place at 10:00 at the Learning Alliance football ground, when our chef guest Miss Anjum S Ahmed arrived. The day of the sports week started with the recitation of Holy Quran and with the National anthem that everyone sang with pride and dignity.
After the permission given by our chief guest the day began with a great performance by the Gymnastic students who showed all and they pay off all their hard work and practice. Then all the students from 6 to A levels were aligned according to their houses with their captains that were Sphinx, Griffin, Titans and Pegasus. They marched in a qui with their Sports Presidents and Vice Presidents in front.
Sports week in different 4 categories of Senior Boys, junior boys, Senior Girls and Junior Girls which included 28 Boys and Girls events at 4 different venues of the Learning Alliance in which teams from each house participated. sports week ended with athletic events, Athletic is the mother of all games which engulfs Jumps, Throws and different races; certain events could not executed due to the shortage of time. Every team of each house put a lot of effort to win the match and played really well and all of them were motivated and happy even though they win or lose as all their crowd and supporters cheered for them.

At the end of the fifth day at closing ceremony the Winning house trophy received by the House Captain and House mistress of Griffin.

Overall in Sports, Griffin got First position by securing 210 points; detail of positions holders of all houses and images are enclosed.

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