Support Services

Guidance Counselling Services

Learning Alliance International recognises the importance of career and future planning for students; understanding that getting to the next step of formal education is often a daunting task for many students, fraught with questions, ambiguities and concerns. We offer counselling to our students for career and higher education placement as well as advise course opportunities available to them. We also support and offer guidance regarding University choices and provide assistance with applications and writing personal statements. The counselling department arranges many career events where students have the opportunity to hear lectures from professionals belonging to various backgrounds.

The counsellor assists students at every stage of the admissions process including but not limited to:

    • Subject selection (DP)
    • Career Choice
    • University Applications
    • Admission Tests
    • Standardised Tests
    • Personal Essays
    • Recommendations
    • CV and Portfolio Development
    • Summer Internships and Community Service Programs

School Psychologist

A trained student counsellor is available to provide individual help to students with work-related or personal concerns that they may prefer to discuss in confidence.


Creativity, activity, service (CAS) is at the heart of the Diploma Program. For student development to occur, students are expected to take part in a variety of experiences and in doing so become more aware of their personal interests, skills and talents and observe how these evolve throughout the CAS programme.

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